Automata: movement and states of consciousness [Abstract]

a documentary by
Paolo Parmiggiani
Theo Jansen
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Barry Purves
Kanjuro Kiritake
Giulio Sandini
© Materia Films 2020

Leonce und Lena. Behind the scenes of the Teatro Medico Ipnotico

interview with Patrizio Dall'Argine and Veronica Ambrosini
Vianino and Parma, 23-27 December 2013
music by Marco Amadei, Luca Marazzi, Enrico Padovani

filmed by Riccardo Manfredi and Paolo Parmiggiani
edited by Paolo Parmiggiani

© Materia Films 2013/2021

Switching the waves. An introduction to the modular synthesizer with Enrico Cosimi

interview with Enrico Cosimi
Rome, 1 July 2020
filmed by Paolo Parmiggiani
© Materia Films 2020

The art of ningyō jōruri. Insights into Bunraku with Kanjuro Kiritake III

National Bunraku Theatre, Osaka
interview with Kanjuro Kiritake III
17 April 2019
directed by Paolo Parmiggiani
1st camera op. and editing: Paolo Parmiggiani
2nd camera op.: Cesare Parmiggiani
the interview was conceived with the contribution
of Pietro Morasso and Giulio Sandini (IIT, Genoa)
© Materia Films 2019

What is a puppet? Barry Purves between animation and theatre

Altrincham, Garrick Playhouse
interview with Barry Purves
4th September 2017
filmed by Paolo Parmiggiani
excerpts from Next, Screenplay, Rigoletto, Achilles,
Hamilton Mattress, Tchaikovsky an Elegy courtesy Barry Purves,
Loose Moose, Harvest Films, Studio M.I.R.
timelapse sequence, stage photos: Joe Clarke, Vishal Sharma
music © Materia Films 2017-2018

Robots like animals. Jean-Baptiste Mouret speaks about robotic adaptation

Inria Nancy - Grand Est
interview with Jean-Baptiste Mouret
16th January 2017
filming, editing and music: Paolo Parmiggiani
testing and 3D footage,
courtesy Jean-Baptiste Mouret and Antoine Cully
music © Materia Films 2017

Theo Jansen on the beach. A Strandbeest session

Theo Jansen's beach session
The Hague, 7 August 2015, Beach club
'De Fuut' filmed and edited by Paolo Parmiggiani.
© Materia Films 2016-2017