Maratz – M3mk4

Maratz – M3mk4

© Epta Records 2020


video by Cesare and Paolo Parmiggiani

© Materia Films 2020

thanks to Artbreeder (

Maratz – Nice

Maratz – Nice
© Epta Records 2020

filmed by Paolo Parmiggiani
additional footage: Filippo Lilloni, Luca Marazzi
VFX: Cesare Parmiggiani
© Materia Films 2020

Des Moines // Live at Libri Risorti, October 21st 2018

Excerpt from Des Moines’ new album “Like Freshly Mown Grass” played live at Libri Risorti (Reggio Emilia).
Filmed by Paolo Parmiggiani with some extra footage by Chris Carothers.

Rufus Party – Love is Hell





Filmed by Paolo Parmiggiani/Materia Films 2019

©Bluebout 2019


[trailer] Automata: movement
and states of consciousness

a documentary by
Paolo Parmiggiani/Materia Films
Theo Jansen
Jean-Baptiste Mouret
Barry Purves
Kanjuro Kiritake
Giulio Sandini

Castello dei Burattini
Museo Giordano Ferrari in Parma

The trailer shows one of the largest collections of Italian marionettes and glove puppets: the Castello dei Burattini-Museo Giordano Ferrari in Parma.
Filming, piano playing: Paolo Parmiggiani (puppet music: Leonida Baracchi)